A man in his twenties who assaulted a driver while blocking the front of a village bus where passengers were boarding was arrested by the police because he honed his horn at his car.

The Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency announced today (9th) that it is investigating Mr. A on the charges of the Specific Crime Aggravated Penalty Act (assaulting motorists while driving).

Mr. A is accused of assaulting a driver in his 60s by blocking the front of a village bus that followed near a bus stop in Bangbae-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul at around 4 pm on the 28th of last month.

A's foreign-made vehicle was stopped on the road to the bus stop, and when the driver honed, Mr. A was known to have been assaulted.

It is said that the driver was diagnosed with anterior teeth for 3 weeks and is being treated in a hospital.

The police who have secured the black box are planning to call A, the victim, and witnesses to continue the investigation.

According to Article 5-10 of the Special Act (Aggravated Punishment for Violence, etc.), a person who assaults or threatens a driver while driving a bus is subject to imprisonment for not more than 5 years or a fine of not more than 20 million won. The same applies when the bus stops temporarily for passengers getting on and off, etc.

A police official said, "It was enacted under the Specific Crime Weighted Penalty Act, but we will decide whether to apply it finally after reviewing the contents of the investigation and precedents."

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