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An Apple user was denied access to iCloud for several months due to a bug with her last name.

By deciding to register on Apple's service without capitalizing her name, Rachel True caused a bug.

Written without a capital letter, his last name has become a Boolean indicator (a value in computer programming) for his Mac.

The latter therefore considered "true" as a command to activate, which caused a bug in the connection to iCloud, reports


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Anyone else getting this error from Apple iCloud?

In past or now?

I'm 6 months deep freeze & looking for any help.

I rem dead coding languages ​​like kobalt .. & this seems like an Apple coding issue - not hardware

- Rachel True (@RachelTrue) February 27, 2021

A bug eligible for Bug Bounty?

The bug has lasted for more than six months, according to the user who recounted her mishap on Twitter.

She obviously contacted Apple services to explain the problem.

But during this entire period, not only was his problem not resolved, but the charges related to his iCloud subscription continued as if nothing had happened.

'Apple has launched its security bounty program in 2016 and offered researchers up to $ 200,000 to find and report vulnerabilities in the system' @ apple your move, I've found a bug, identified it myself, am I a researcher?

- Rachel True (@RachelTrue) March 6, 2021

Rachel True documented the bug on her Twitter account with a screenshot.

She also apostrophed Apple, explaining with irony that since she had detected a bug in the code, she could normally claim a reward within the framework of the Apple Security Bounty program launched by the Californian giant.


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