Controversy is arising when a scene of a customer using Kkakdugi left by a customer at a famous pork soup restaurant in Busan was filmed in a video of BJ who was promoting the restaurant.

Pie, an African BJ, delivered food at a pork soup restaurant run by his relatives yesterday (on the 7th), and decided to donate twice the sales and conducted a live broadcast.

Pie broadcasted with the intention of promoting this restaurant and doing good deeds, but during the broadcast, the restaurant staff put the Kkakdu left over from the customer into a large Kkaktugi container and then another staff member used it again.

On the controversy, BJ Pie said on her YouTuber and African TV channel, "I apologize and be punished."

The owner of the restaurant also gave an apology, and the staff who used Kkakdugi again explained that "I worked for the first time, and the kimchi was clean, so I put it in."

(Photo = BJ Pie video capture, Yonhap News)