The Perseverance rover travels its first meters on Mars

NASA's Mars Perseverance rover makes its first short drive on the surface of the Red Planet on March 5, 2021. Via REUTERS - NASA

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News from the planet Mars where the Perseverance rover has traveled its first meters.

The vehicle designed by NASA to explore the planet Mars spun its wheels for the first time Thursday afternoon, two weeks after landing.

An encouraging first trip.


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I just did my first test drive on Mars,

 ” said the caption of a photo posted on the Perseverance Twitter account.

There are very clearly traces of the wheels.

A little over six meters covered in thirty-three minutes.

This is a big step that has just been taken for the NASA teams.

Soon, Perseverance should be able to walk 200 meters per day.

The rover landed on February 18 on the Red Planet.

Its mission: to collect rock samples.

When it returns to Earth in just under two years, scientists hope they can find traces of ancient life on Mars.


Members of my team are providing updates on the “firsts” I've achieved so far and what my plans will be as I set out on the search for ancient life on Mars.

Tag your questions #CountdownToMars

- NASA's Perseverance Mars Rover (@NASAPersevere) March 5, 2021

You have created a dream for millions of children and young Americans,

 " were the words Joe Biden addressed to the teams who worked on the mission, following that first ride.

And the American president added: " 

This is only the beginning 


Today, on Twitter, more than 2.5 million people follow the adventures of Perseverance.

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