Yesterday (6th), there were 416 new corona19 confirmed cases, representing 400 for two days in a row.

Even though the number of tests decreased significantly over the weekend, the ratio of confirmed cases to the number of testers increased significantly.

A total of 314,000 people have received the corona vaccine until yesterday.

Reporter Jang Se-man is on the report.

<Reporter> There

were 416 new corona19 confirmed yesterday and stayed at 400 for the second day.

Although the number of confirmed cases decreased by 2 from the previous day, the positive rate, which means the ratio of confirmed cases to the number of tests, increased significantly.

Yesterday, the number of tests through the screening clinic was 21,000, down 11,000 from the previous day, but the number of confirmed cases was only given two, so the positive rate jumped from 1.27% yesterday to 1.96% yesterday.

Among the new confirmed cases, 399 were domestic outbreaks, excluding 17 foreign patients.

By region, 323 people were confirmed in the metropolitan area, including 127 people in Seoul and 169 people in Gyeonggi Province, and 76 people came from non-metropolitan areas, including 11 in Gyeongbuk.

Two people died during corona treatment, and the cumulative death toll was 1,634.

The Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced yesterday that 17,131 people received the Corona 19 vaccine a day, and the cumulative number of inoculations was 31,600.

Of these, 309,000 people were vaccinated against AstraZeneca and 5,200 people were vaccinated at Pfizer.

The number of reports of adverse reactions after vaccination was added yesterday to 806, resulting in a cumulative 3,689.

Of these, one additional death occurred yesterday, resulting in a cumulative number of deaths to eight.

Of the adverse reactions, 33 cases were suspected of anaphylaxis and 5 were severely suspected cases such as convulsions.