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The coronavirus crisis has caused a great demand for computer and electronic components.

In 2020, individuals and companies have massively equipped themselves to adapt, whether it is to devote themselves to leisure or to support teleworking.

But the industry is now facing a shortage of components.

A particularly visible trend for processors and graphics cards but which concerns many other elements.

The IT market should remain in tension throughout the year 2021 according to manufacturers, reveals 

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All components are scarce

Computer maker Acer and major tech vendors agree: The global shortage of electronic components, which began in 2020, is worsening.

It could even jeopardize the growth of the IT market, which is unable to meet demand.

The shortage affects almost all the components equipping computers, servers, video game consoles and other devices.

The items are sometimes insignificant, like "associated chips that are only worth 80 cents or even 50 cents per unit," says Jason Chen, CEO of Acer.

According to the manager, his teams are constantly on the lookout for components.

Automotive sector worsens shortage

The situation is unprecedented, and the greediness of the automotive sector, which did not anticipate its demand for components, is not helping.

According to Jason Chen, the shortage problem will probably last at least until the last quarter of 2021. The problems encountered by Acer are also encountered by the main American players in this market, HP and Dell.

But all the players are affected.

The screen manufacturer Innolux, which supplies the biggest brands, ensures just-in-time production.

According to the CEO, “suppliers cannot provide a firm response even over six months”.

No improvement is possible before, at best, early 2022.

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