The Christian Mission Torch Foundation, created by former Shin Dong-A Group Chairman Soon-Young Choi, has been pointed out as the background of the luxury life of the former President Choi's family.

On the 3rd, Seoul announced the results of the search and seizure of former chairman Choi's home, and announced that it would consider the cancellation of the establishment of a corporation and a prosecution against the Torch Foundation.

However, the Torch Foundation is not one of the Christian organizations established by the former chairman of Choi.

In 1972, 17 years before the Torch Foundation was founded in 1989, Choi founded his first Christian organization.

This is the Korean Christian Missionary Institute.

● There

is another Christian organization founded by Soon-Young Choi…

Former chairman

of'Kaikam' (Korea Association of Independent Church Missionary Organizations)

was the founding chairman of the Korean Christian Missionary Service.

Later, in 1996, the chairmanship was transferred to his wife, Hyung-ja Lee.

Former Chairman Choi served as the founding chairman of the Torch Foundation as well, and then handed over the chairmanship to his wife, Hyung-Ja Lee.

The Korean Christian Missionary Service posted a new signboard as'Kaikam' in June 2003.

The official name is Korean Association of Independent Churches And Missions.

Abbreviated as'Kaikam', it stands for an allied community formed by pastors and missionary leaders who want to be free from the politics of the denomination and denomination.

As of 2020, it is known that there are 2,730 full-time pastors alone.

It is evaluated that it has established itself as an influential organization in the Christian world.

Choi's wife, Hyung-ja Lee, served as the chairman of the Korean Christian Missionary Service until 2011, after it was changed to Kaikam in 2003.

Even after resigning from the chairmanship of the board, Mr. Lee remains the directorship until now, except for about four years in the middle.

Kaikam, Choi Soon-young and acquaintances with Choi Soon-young are from the

Torch Foundation. In the case of the Torch Foundation, former chairman Choi and his wife Hyung-Ja Lee exchanged the positions of the chairman.

Instead, acquaintances of the former chairman's family and officials from the Torch Foundation have taken turns serving as chairman of the board (the chairman of the Torch Foundation changed to the daughter of the former chairman on February 1st).

Looking at the side of the successor chairpersons, the names of Mo Park, who is known as an acquaintance of the church attended by the former President Choi and his wife, Moo Shin, who served as the chairman of the Torch Foundation, and Mo Mo Kim, the secretary of the Torch Foundation.

Mr. Kim served as the Secretary General of the Torch Foundation and the Chairman of Kaikam.

Currently, Kaikam's chairman and directors are also from the Torch Foundation or are mainly filled with acquaintances of the former chairman.

Four of the seven members, including the chairman, are from the Torch Foundation or Torch Academy, and one is from the church attended by the former President Choi (as mentioned earlier, one of the directors is Mr. Lee Hyung-ja).

Pastor B, a former Kaikam member, said, "The remaining two have long exchanged with the former chairman and his wife, and have a strong friendship."

In addition to the chairman and director, the Torch Foundation officials have held various important positions in Kaikam.

Moo Song, who served as Chairman of the Kaikam Federation from 2012 to 2013, served as the head of the academy since the late 1990s and vice-president since 2007 at the Torch Trinity Graduate School of Theology, founded on the basis of the Torch Foundation.

Pastor A, a member of Kaikam, criticized it as "the typical revolving door greetings chosen by the former chairman and wife Choi."

Court "The Torch Foundation controls Kaikam's personnel and financial control" In view of

this situation, the court judged that the "The Torch Foundation controlled Kaikam."

In the 2017 Suwon District Law, in a criminal court ruling, including the defamation of Rev. Moo Yoon's defamation against Kaikam, "The Torch Foundation personnel and acquaintances of Choi Soon-young and Lee Hyeong-ja dominated the operation of Kaikam." Even if Lee Hyung-ja and Choi Soon-young do not attend the board of directors consisting of a few directors, it is possible that the will of these couples will be reflected."

Several cases were included in the judgment on which the court's judgment was based.

According to the ruling, Mr. Ham Mo, who served as Kaikam Auditor and Association Chairman, said in 2015 that "Kaikam belongs to the Torch Foundation because the Torch Foundation has the personnel rights of Kaikam."

Regarding the finances of Kaicam, this includes the fact that Mr. Jo, who was in charge of accounting at Kaikam, received accounting training at the Torch Foundation, and that Mr. Kim, who was in charge of auditing at Kaikam, served as the Director of the Torch Foundation's accountancy. done.

Kaikam delivered tens of millions of won funds to the Torch Foundation, and

the ruling

also contained

the content that Kaikam delivered tens of millions of won to the Torch Foundation.

In the ruling, it is stated that'Kaikam delivered 50 million won (or 100 million won) to the Torch Foundation for the 2016 Torch Korean Diaspora World Mission Conference.'

This missionary conference is the largest event held by the Torch Foundation, and has been held eight times from 2011 to last year.

The pastor who is bright with the internal circumstances of the Torch Foundation said, "I know that it costs around 200 million won for each missionary conference held."

In the judgment above, the court said, "It is evaluated that there was little room for member pastors who were not related to Lee Hyeong-ja and Choi Soon-young to be involved in decision-making," regarding the delivery of funds to Kaikam's Torch Foundation.

At Kaikam, some member pastors demanded'to disclose financial details transparently', and so on.

(Kaikam's main sources of income are'membership fee' and'pastor ordination fee'. The monthly membership fee from full-member pastors is at least 30,000 won. Considering that as of 2020, the number of full-time pastors exceeds 2,000, the total membership fee is monthly. it is estimated more than 60 million won. Kai Kam is juneunde two occasions ordained a year, receive every time, at least 100 people ordination. is not defense about 1.6 million won per person pastors.)

Kai Kam, Member minister "Please trust the Torch Foundation"

Until the end of SBS, after the panda team made the first report on Choi's previous family, Kai-Kam has been sharing a link to a YouTube video that says'Please trust the Torch Foundation' to member pastors.

It is the appearance of Kaikam actively replacing the torch foundation's clarification.

The video titled “Emotionism, Talking of the Torch Foundation” is filled with the content that “Kim Dae-jung's regime stole the Shin Dong-A Group. I am unfair” that former chairman Choi has been repeating all the time.

Pastor A, a member of Kaikam, said, "It is a cross-section showing how strong the breath of the Torch Foundation and the former chairman's family toward Kaikam is," he said.

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