Sports coach Alexandre Mallier is followed by nearly 600,000 subscribers on his Youtube channel.


Alexandre Mallier

  • Sports coach Alexandre Mallier and his accomplice Jessica Mellet are followed by nearly 600,000 subscribers on their Youtube channel.

  • Their fitness program is now available in a book with a book that is a hit in terms of sales.

  • The duo offers a series of physical exercises as well as recipes to lose fat in twelve weeks.

He wants to "shock the fat".

Like any good sports coach, Alexandre Mallier hates bad fat.

It has been more than 15 years now that the native of Gévezé near Rennes has been tracking the extra pounds and refining the silhouettes.

With his accomplice Jessica Mellet, he has even become one of the most influential coaches on the Internet since their Youtube channel now has nearly 600,000 subscribers.

In this ultra-competitive sector where each coach has the miracle solution to lose pounds, Alexandre Mallier admits that there are sometimes "scams".

He is especially angry with certain YouTubers or Instagrammers who improvise themselves as sports coaches “when they have no diploma and no experience”.

The first online courses in 2009

Before experiencing success, Alexandre Mallier has already traveled well.

A specialist in step and aerobics, he worked for a long time in gyms in Paris and gave classes all over the world at major fitness conventions.

As the French market began to explode, in 2008 he launched the company Move Your Fit with his female partner.

“We quickly offered online classes at gyms,” he says.

People are now used to playing sports at home but at the time, we were taken for a bit crazy ”.

It will be necessary to wait until 2016 for the duo to land on Youtube.

The first steps are a little hesitant but the two coaches find their audience quite quickly with their videos and their T12S program (like Transformations 12 Weeks).

A sport and health program that is now available in a book with a book released at the beginning of February by Larousse and which is already at the top of sales.

“We were even in front of the Prix Goncourt on the day of the release,” smiles Alexandre Mallier.

Physical exercises and cooking recipes

Compiled on 240 pages, their fitness program alternates twenty-minute workouts for twelve weeks with dozens of “gourmet and healthy” recipes.

“Playing sports and eating well, we rely on the basics, underlines the coach now based in Lille.

But it is the key for people ending up on diets.

With our program, we don't have fun counting calories.

We're just trying to install new eating habits to empower people ”.

See you in twelve weeks to see if the belly has disappeared.


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