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Eddie Murphy

tries again with one of the most famous characters in his career.

Akeem, who in 1988 was a prince in

The Prince of Zamunda

and has now become a monarch seeking heir.

The King of Zamunda

, the comedy that can be seen on Amazon Prime Video from

March 5

, is the continuation of that

hilarious story

in which the confusions of two guys who had just arrived in New York from an imaginary kingdom gave rise to

gags that have gone down in history


The dialogues in the barbershop with Hall and Murphy involved in various characters, the incredible moment of Chocolate Sexy and its microphone or the response obtained after a 'good morning, neighbor' in the borough of Queens were highlights of

The Prince of Zamunda

that the

fans they celebrate over and over again

each time the film is broadcast on television.

80s pop culture.


Image of the promotional poster.

Therefore, it would be best to first give the bad news of

The King of Zamunda

: it

does not have those magical moments in which it is impossible to hold back laughter.

There are comical situations, yes, but they don't reach the same level in terms of absurd humor.

As the director of the film himself has warned, his goal with this new production was "to be funny but at the same time have a

certain sensitivity to current issues such as racial and gender issues."

And everything (great humor and denunciation) at the same time has been complicated.

But now comes the good news: in

El rey de Zamunda

there is a brave story that

talks about feminism and the effort to overcome adversity.

Especially referring to African Americans and the prejudices they have endured in the US for a long time.

In the form of a fairy tale adapted to the 21st century, with a lot of humor and high-level musical numbers.

And, of course,

practically all the characters that were present in the 1988 classic appear


Of course, Akeem and his faithful Semmi, played by Arsenio Hall.

But also the father of the protagonist (

James Earl Jones

) or Lisa (

Shari Headley

), his girlfriend and now wife.

And many more.

To them we must add

Wesley Snipes

as the villain of the story,

Garcelle Beauvais

as a woman with whom Akeem became intimate on his way through New York ... and

Jermaine Fowler


Lavelle, the true protagonist of the story


Because, although Murphy and Hall are present for much of the footage, as the minutes go by the interpretive weight falls on a young man who has been discriminated against for his skin color who now finds the great opportunity of his life.

In the center, young Lavelle (Jermaine Fowler) and, on the right, his mother (Garcelle Beauvais).

On the left, a palace servant (Paul Bates).



The King of Zamunda,

New York appears less than in that film from the 1980s and most of the action takes place in the

magical world of Zamunda.

More specifically, in a palace where taking a bath in the morning is still an extrasensory experience (and that everyone understands what they want ...).

Time has passed and the death of the old monarch forces Akeem (Eddie Murphy), the

new king of Zamunda

, to search for a male heir.

And he does it on a fleeting trip to the New York neighborhood of Queens, where the aforementioned Lavelle is.

Back in Zamunda, the


that previously had a king and his servant as protagonists now focus on the young man and his mother, amazed by the luxury and pleasures that being next to the new king provides.

And Arsenio Hall and Eddie Murphy are relegated to the background when before the chemistry of both was what gave great comic moments to history.

Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall in 'The Prince of Zamunda'.


Craig Brewer,

director of

The King of Zamunda

, was the director responsible for

I am Dolemite

, Murphy's previous film, and the



, and has had a luxury production here.

An iconic film to take as a reference and the

support of fans

wanting to see endearing characters have been in its favor.

And it has even allowed itself the luxury of including juicy cameos that it is better not to reveal.

And a dialogue between Lavelle and a maid in which, humorously, criticizes "

those Zamunda films, infumable clunkers

that do not exceed 30 percent in votes on a certain website" or "American cinema is the best" or "With the aftermath, if something is good why spoil it."

With what is very clear that

the best thing is not to take this film seriously and to let go.

And without making too many comparisons.

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