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warrant of arrest against Kim Hak-eui, the head of the Immigration Department of the Justice Department, was dismissed today (6th) early on.

The court accepted the claim that "there was no illegal", but the prosecution's investigation was put to a standstill.

This is reporter Kim Hyung-rae.


At around 2 am today, the arrest warrant against General Manager Cha Gyu-geun was dismissed.

Dae-Seok Oh, who was in charge of the warrant of Suwon District Law, explained the reasons for dismissing the warrant, saying, "There is no fear of destroying evidence or fleeing."

However, he added that "the issue is not light given the necessity of complying with strict due process."

Headquarters Cha has proposed a ban on illegal departure to former Deputy Minister of Justice Kim Hak-eui, who attempted to leave the country late at night in March last year.

In preparation for a protest from former Vice Minister Kim, the allegations of manipulating computer records inside the Immigration Headquarters were also included, and Mr. Cha has argued that "at the time, there was no illegality and the ban on departure was an inevitable measure."

When he left the detention center after the warrant was dismissed, he said he would elaborate on the charges in the remaining trials.

[Kyu-geun Cha/Director of Immigration and Foreigner Policy Division, Ministry of Justice: It seems to have been the longest waiting time in my life.

I am deeply grateful for the court's wise judgment.]

With Cha's arrest warrant dismissed, it seems inevitable that a setback in the prosecution's investigation will be inevitable.

Prosecutor Lee Gyu-won, who led the urgent departure ban, and the Seoul Central District Prosecutors' Office, Lee Seong-yoon, who is suspected of putting external pressure in the investigation, said that he would soon decide which investigative agency to investigate.