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(Hello.) What kind of news is prepared for the first news today (4th)?

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When you think about independence activists like Yu Gwan-soon, doctors Ahn Jung-geun, and Yun Bong-gil, there will be some people who have such curiosity, but there are videos that restore their life as if they were trying to solve such a curiosity. It is becoming a hot topic on social media.

Although he moves his eyes from side to side as if he was anxious, this is Yu Gwan-soon's passionate smile.

In addition, doctor Ahn Jung-geun, who looks like a friendly uncle in the neighborhood, but looks exhausted somewhere, or Yoon Bong-gil, who is blinded by his big eyes, blinks.

All of them are vivid enough to be mistaken for their actual appearance, but these are videos made with deep fake technology that synthesizes a person's face or a specific part.

Last month, as an overseas online site launched a deep nostalgia service using deepfake technology, domestic netizens are uploading videos that restore the past using photos of independence activists. There are many reactions that are coming.

The deepfake technology has been used as a nuisance as it has been abused for fake news and illegal pornography synthesis, but these videos are being evaluated as good examples of deepfake technology.

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I just said, it seems to be a great example of how technology really matters.

What's the second news?


is the second news for

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This is the news from the United States, and the story of a middle-aged man who jumps into ice water every day for nearly 10 months despite the bitter cold is becoming a hot topic.

Lake Michigan in Chicago, USA.

It's very cold, with no snow yet melting, and a man jumps into the lake wearing only a swimsuit.

This man has been jumping into Lake Michigan every morning without a single day since June of last year.

It is said that it was actually because of the hangover that started jumping into the lake, but when I jumped into the lake without much expectation with a hangover, I felt so refreshed, and after that I started repeating it every day.

The jump continued every day, even on the day of a record strong cold and heavy snowfall exceeding 45cm.

As the news became known, musicians come out and play instruments whenever the man jumps into the lake. It is called for.


Yes, what kind of news is prepared for the last news today?


is the last news for

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From next month, you may be frustrated by just trusting the navigation guide, so be careful, because crackdowns will begin according to the lowered speed limit on major roads across the country.

In order to establish a pedestrian-centered traffic culture and reduce traffic fatal accidents, the current speed limit is lowered by 10 km per hour to 50 km per hour in general roads in cities across the country and 30 km per hour in rear roads such as residential areas with many pedestrians.

In the meantime, it was a period of guidance, so even if you violate the speed limit, you only received a guidance certificate, but the actual penalty will be imposed from the 17th of the following month.

However, it may take some time for the car navigation to be updated, so you shouldn't trust the navigation alone.

A police official said that if you drive as usual, there is a high possibility of a speeding violation, and asked you to check the speed limit sign.


So why did you lower the speed of a road where pedestrians are very unlikely like Nodeul Road while lowering the speed limit?There are complaints about this, and these opinions were not reflected, there are many stories like this.

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In particular, there are many examples of Seoul Nodeul-gil, but there are opinions that the speed limit of such a road, which is operated like a car-only road, is too low, although it is a general road by law.