Spaniards spend almost

half of our time looking at a screen


The data is shocking.

In autonomous communities where exposure to these devices is lower (such as Asturias), citizens spend an average of 9 hours a day looking at a screen.

A figure that rises to 11 am in the case of Madrid, according to a study prepared by the demographic survey Sondea.

A situation without parallel in history that

has harmful effects on our health such

as fatigue, altered sleep rhythms or problems for our eyes such as visual fatigue or macular degeneration.

A problem for which there are only two possible solutions: reduce our exposure to PC and smartphones or protect our eyes while we do it with glasses.

Computers, mobiles, tablets, television, smart watches We live surrounded by screens and we are the first generation in the world to live

surrounded by digital devices that emit blue light

that causes headaches and health problems.

On average, according to the Sondea study (which was also prepared before confinement), Spaniards spent

167 days in front of a screen

, more than half the year.

Excessive exposure time that is sometimes for leisure (watching movies, playing video games or chatting with friends) but in many cases it is compulsory since computers have become a common tool for employment before which workers they must spend at least 8 hours a day, making it difficult to reduce exposure.

The most obvious side effect, fatigue, visual fatigue occurs because when subjected to prolonged blue light exposure (in front of the pc or when we look at the mobile)

the eye must make a greater effort to focus correctly

and after time they appear headache, redness and dryness of the eyes, physical fatigue and difficulty concentrating.

However, there are also other less obvious adverse effects such as a reduction in melatonin resulting from exposure to blue light that

alters the circadian rhythms

of people, which causes

problems falling asleep

, in addition to producing a degradation in the macula of our eyes.

As screens have taken over more aspects of our lives thanks to the drop in prices of technology, glasses with a blue light filter to protect the eyes have also become popular.

However, this has not happened to the same extent.

The best blue light filter glasses

Traditionally, blue light filter glasses have been expensive.

However, thanks to its popularization in recent years and the last year of the pandemic, there has been an increase in supply and demand, giving rise to a great diversity of models ranging

from 10 to 100 euros

for a pair of glasses. , in addition to a large number of designs.

The most popular on the market are these Cysux glasses that cost 25.99 euros.

These glasses from the United States have a design very similar to the classic RayBan WayFarer, offer a lifetime guarantee and come with a built-in case and an LED emitter (blue) so you can always check that they are working correctly.

Another tremendously popular and inexpensive option are these Opulize glasses for 10 euros that, in addition to protecting your eyes from the blue light of the computer,

offers different graduations (between 0 and 3.5 diopters)

in case the user has previous vision problems.

With a comfortable design that is also reminiscent of the classic Rayban Wayfarer, this other model (available in various colors) for sale for 12.95 euros is also tremendously popular with consumers.

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