The new space tourism market is of interest to many companies.


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If you fancy taking a trip around the Moon, there is still time to apply to Yusaku Maezawa's announcement.

The Japanese billionaire has just put up eight seats for a trip around the moon.

This is the first tourist stay around this star.

The trip, provided by SpaceX, Elon Musk's company, will be aboard Starship.

The machine is currently performing numerous test flights.

If they prove successful, the flight to the Moon should take place in 2023. It would take off from the United States before making a loop around the Earth, then performing a propulsive translunar injection maneuver.

A loop around the Moon would then take place, before reaching dry land.

In all, the trip is expected to last nearly six days.

SpaceX but also Virgin Galactic or Blue Origin

The new space tourism market is of interest to many companies.

SpaceX therefore, whose ultimate goal is to create paid tourist stays in space.

But other companies, such as Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic or Jeff Bezos' Blue Origin, are also trying to develop suborbital flight.

If you would like to participate in SpaceX's future flight, you can apply on the dearMoon site.

You have until March 14 to do so.


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