Facebook and Instagram give users the opportunity to see fewer political advertisements on the platforms.

The option will be available from Thursday in the Netherlands and elsewhere and, in addition to fewer political advertisements, also applies to fewer advertisements about social issues and elections in general.

"While political ads play an important role in every election, people have told us they want to be able to see less of it on their Facebook and Instagram feeds," Facebook said.

Facebook understands these types of advertisements to include advertisements made by, on behalf of or about a political candidate or political party.

Advertisements about elections in general are also covered by the policy.

Social issues are topics that can play an important role during elections.

These may vary from country to country, but in the European Union, Facebook gives examples of censorship in universities, tax cuts for companies, climate change and immigration.

The ability to limit ads will be available from Thursday under ad preferences in the settings of both Facebook and Instagram.

"You also have the choice to show it on one platform and disable it on the other," said a Facebook spokesperson.