Recently, I've been delivering news about drugs frequently. Two days ago, a famous rapper was arrested by the police for smoking cannabis in downtown Seoul.

This is an exclusive report by reporter Han Sung-hee.


Several police cars are dispatched in a narrow alley, and after a while, the police bring someone out.

You take the man who has cannabis and smokes to the police station.

This man was Mr. Lee Mo, an American rapper Kilogram, who made his name known by appearing on a cable broadcasting contest.

The police arrested Mr. Lee as an active criminal from his smoky home and left him in a vehicle.

The day before yesterday (the 1st), the police were dispatched after receiving a report of "the smell of burning mugwort smells" around 4 pm.

Police accused smoking of hemp based on the smell of the room, but Mr. Lee denied the charges, saying, "It's just the smell of e-cigarettes."

But the police found hemp all over the kitchen.

Even plastic inhalers were found.

Also, to the police who asked if he had anything, Mr. Lee replied "No," but additional hemp was found in the drawer of the studio.

In the end, Mr. Lee complained that last December in Itaewon, Seoul, he paid 400,000 won to a foreigner of the Buddha statue and bought and smoked hemp.

The police are investigating whether there are any people who have been arrested and smoked hemp with him.

(Video coverage: Yang Hyeon-cheol, video editing: Lee So-young)