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The incident happened in 2019 but an Australian today decided to file a complaint against Apple.

Two years ago, the Melbourne resident's iPhone X exploded while in his pants pocket, Australian media outlet

7NEWS reported.

Robert De Rose was sitting at his desk when he suddenly felt pain in his leg and heard a sort of fizzing.

“I immediately jumped in and realized it was my phone,” he said.

Smoke was coming out of his iPhone, which was a little over a year old.

Second degree burnt

"I had ashes everywhere", testified this father who suffered second degree burns in the thigh.

Without waiting, Robert De Rose escalated the problem to Apple but claims to have received no response.

The man therefore decided to go further and take the Apple brand to court.

He is now asking for compensation for the damage suffered.

He also hopes, by his approach, to alert the many iPhone owners to the potential dangers of these devices.

Apple has indicated that an investigation has been opened to understand the circumstances of this incident.



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