Digital art video auctioned for $ 6.6 million -


Unknown to the general public, digital art is nevertheless on the rise.

Many art collectors do not hesitate to shell out crazy sums to acquire digital works that have - by definition - no material consistency.

Such a work was recently sold for the tidy sum of $ 6.6 million.

The work in question is a 10-second video designed by American artist Beeple, aka Mike Winkelmann.

It represents a giant caricature of Donald Trump lying on the ground, covered with tags and other derogatory slogans, all in an idyllic setting.

A real trend

The seller of the work, Pablo Rodriguez-Fraile, is an art collector who acquired the work in October 2020 for "only" $ 67,000.

A nice sum for a work easily available on the web.

The collector still offered himself the original of the work, authenticated via blockchain.

This technology, often associated with cryptocurrencies, actually makes it possible to store and transmit information without a supervisory body.

And while the sale of the



was made on the Nifty Gateway site, a platform specializing in the sale of digital artwork, more traditional auction houses are also interested in this art form. .

The famous Christie's house is also offering a digital work signed Beeple at auction.

The latter is still in progress at the time of this writing and already amounts to $ 3 million.

As for the new owner of


, he preferred to remain anonymous.


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