<Anchor> As the

snow poured this time was heavy wet snow filled with moisture, facility damage was also followed in the Gangwon area.

Green houses and barns in mountain villages collapsed, and some schools in Gangwon-do were closed on today (2nd), the first day of school opening.

This is reporter Cho Jae-geun.

<Reporter> The

middle of the sandwich panel roof was bent at 90 degrees and sank, and surprised pigs were scattered around.

The roof of the 3 pig houses where 1,000 pigs were raised could not withstand the weight of the snow piled up close to 40cm and collapsed.

[Hong Bum-pyo/Livestock farmers affected by heavy snow: I was worried about the snow and soaking up a lot of water, but when a loud noise came out around 1:30 a.m. (it collapsed.)]

Even a plastic house built with a 3cm diameter steel pipe frame

collapsed without fail.


Fishing villages are no exception.

This fishing boat sank into the sea, pressed by the snow.

Gangwon-do has tentatively counted that 293 dongs, including green houses, ginseng cultivation facilities, and barns, were damaged by this heavy snowfall.

This snow is characterized by a lot of moisture from the snow clouds created above the sea.

Compared to ordinary snow stacked at the same height, the weight of wet snow was 2.7 times heavier.

When 30cm of snow accumulates in a 5m wide and 20m long green house, it is equivalent to crushing up to 4.5 tons of snow.

The mountain villages were trapped in the snow all day as snow was concentrated on the large roads.

I try to put it away with a farm tractor, but it's just a bit overwhelming.

There is a lot of snow piled up in the streets of the village where snow has not been cleared.

[Lee Ki-woo/Village residents: I'm anxious, and I can't go outside to work, so I have to do snow removal work by myself as soon as possible.]

The delay in snow removal on residential areas and back roads in the city caused a lot of inconvenience to residents.

Today, the first day of school, 92 schools in Gangwon-do had to be closed or adjusted the school hours.

(Video coverage: Heo Chun and Kim Min-su G1 broadcast)   

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