The Madrid City Council seeks to improve "the promotion and dissemination of the capital on social networks."

For this, it has joined forces with the official city guides to jointly create (something unprecedented so far)

25 thematic routes that show the most interesting, anecdotal and unknown aspects

of Madrid, with the aim that the citizens themselves know better the capital and become its best ambassador in the networks.

All guided tours, which begin on March 2 and are included in the Madrid Original Visits Program, will be in Spanish, with a price of 3 euros and the address of the official guide who has devised them.

Its duration will be two hours, from Tuesday to Sunday and in groups of nine people


Tickets can be purchased in person at the Plaza Mayor Tourism Center (Plaza Mayor, 27) and online from the Madrid Destino portal.

Although the tickets for the 115 visits that will take place in the month of March have been sold out in a matter of hours, on March 15 the tickets for those that will take place in April will go on sale.

The program will be active until the end of June


The routes,

chosen by a jury

made up of representatives of the main professional associations of the Madrid tourism sector among all those submitted to the call, are the following:

1) The neighborhood of Letters, stories and legends of Madrid's Parnassus


A journey through the historical, artistic and literary wealth of an enclave that has been perpetuated as a heritage environment of cultural dissemination over the centuries

2) Walk along the Gran Vía

The centenary artery of the capital seen from its most incredible anecdotes.

3) Yesterday and today from El Retiro Park

The history and transformation of the lung of the capital enhanced by a botanical perspective.

4) From Prado to Retiro: the landscape of light

Exceptional buildings, gardens, fountains and museums make up the route through a space that aspires to be declared a Landscape of Arts and Sciences by UNESCO.

5) The 'Latina' and the museum of origins

The work of the writer and humanist Beatriz Galindo, called La


, serves as inspiration to explore the neighborhood.

6) Leaving a Trail: from the cofreros arch to the Piquer galleries

A visit that seeks to capture the essence of the most traditional market.

7) Guided tour of Chueca and Salesas

A way to rediscover the charm of two neighboring neighborhoods that have become the most tolerant and modernist in the city.

8) The neighborhood of Las Letras in the key of a woman

A walk that highlights the trajectory of women in the world of letters from the 16th century to today, with an analysis of works and texts to know their situation in society in each of the times.

9) Madrid workers (from the seventeenth to the nineteenth century),

An itinerary through the neighborhoods of La Latina, El Rastro and Lavapiés from the point of view of a worker of the time who will relate the work of maids, midwives, seamstresses, mondongueras ...

10) Women in the offices of Madrid

The value to the women who laid the economic and social foundations of today's Madrid star in a visit that ranges from the Plaza Mayor to Canalejas.

11) Madrid of the three cultures: Christians, Jews, Muslims and their social integration

The reading of fragments of official documents from the municipal archives are the icing on the cake for a review of the relationships between different personalities who were born and lived in the capital professing different religions.

12) The Madrilenian Movida

The historical, cultural and sociological aspects of this countercultural phenomenon are the basis of an itinerary through the streets of Malasaña and the emblematic places of Pedro Almodóvar's filming.

13) Madrid nest of spies

Heinrich Himmler, Mata Hari or Garbo star in a journey through the period between the First and Second World War, when Madrid was the center of world espionage.

14) In black Madrid: crime, bohemia and underworld

The darkest, rogue and criminal face of the capital, which inspired the work of authors such as Benito Pérez Galdós or Pío Baroja, uncovered.

15) Madrid: tribute to the forgotten

They were great characters in their time.

And after falling into oblivion, his figure is once again praised on this route.

16) Stories, anecdotes and daily life in old Madrid

The peculiar way of life of the inhabitants of the town analyzed through the centuries.

17) Disappeared offices in Madrid

The urban fabric where the craft guilds were established, interspersed with different literary references.

18) The waters of Madrid

The supply of the city, its sources and water trips, its water carriers and how the Canal de Isabel II changed everything.

19) Luis Berlanga's Madrid on the centenary of his birth

A walk through the places that have marked the life and filmography of the long-awaited film director.

20) Film tour, a cinematographic look at Madrid

The spaces that have served as the stage for great national and international films and productions are the protagonists.

21) The Madrid of books

A route that starts from the Municipal Printing Office-Book Arts and promises to show the emblematic places for book lovers.

22) The Madrid of Antonio Palacios

A route through the heart of the city through the works of the architect who has so influenced the appearance of Madrid.

23) In the footsteps of Gulliver.

Playing with the sculptures

Monumental contemporary sculpture from a new perspective aimed at the youngest (children between five and 12 years old).

24) 100-year-old stores in Madrid

A tour of establishments that are part of the historical and cultural heritage of the city.

25) From posadas to 'great luxury'

A review of the evolution of the establishments that from the 16th century until today have welcomed travelers of all kinds who came to the capital.

According to the criteria of The Trust Project

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