Additional unpaid surcharges of KRW 157.4 billion and arrears of KRW 177.3 billion.

It claims to be empty, but the life of the former chairman of Shin Dong-A Group, Choi Soon-young, is still'Chairman'.

He has a luxury car, a driver, and lives in a luxury villa in Yangjae-dong that is about 100 pyeong.

The Christian Mission Torch Foundation has been named as the background of the luxury life of the former president Choi's family for a long time.

The Torch Foundation, chaired by his wife Hyung-ja Lee, was founded by former chairman Choi in September 1989.

Soon-young Choi'gives land' to Soon-young Choi...

Directly raising the capital of 7.6 billion won

for the establishment of the Torch Foundation. Former Chairman Choi did not stop at establishing the Torch Foundation on paper.

At the time of establishment, he was the head of the well-established group, and he directly contributed the capital to the foundation by donating land to the foundation.

The capital of establishment on the register of the Torch Foundation is 7,58,5436,000 won.

Since the Torchlight Foundation has built a fortune of 180 billion won based on the established capital (only currently confirmed), it can be evaluated that the contribution of the former chairman Choi is absolute due to the rise of the foundation.

In the closed register at ○○, Yangjae-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul, where the Torchlight Mission Center, the headquarters of the Torch Foundation, is located, details of how the former chairman transferred the ownership of the site.

In February 1987, two years before the founding of the Torch Foundation,'individual' Choi Soon-young and'Korean Christian Missionary' purchased half of the 12,703.2㎡ area in Yangjae-dong ○○. Before donating a part of the site to).

What is noteworthy is that the then-chairman of the Korean Christian Missionary who purchased half of the site was the former chairman.

The Korean Christian Missionary Service is another Christian organization founded by former chairman Choi in 1972.

Afterwards, Choi Soon-young personally donated the site to the Torch Foundation in October 1989 and the Korean Christian Missionary Service in June 1990.

At that time, the chairman of the Torch Foundation was also the former chairman of the chairman.

In the end,'individual' Choi Soon-young and'Korean Christian Missionary Chairman' Choi Soon-young bought half of the site and handed it to'Torch Foundation Chairman' Choi Soon-young.

Bad traces found in the record of transfer of real estate ownership

1. Torch Mission Center site

and'Shadow of

Chun Doo-Hwan'

Shin Dong-A Construction → Son Sam-soo <Chun Doo-Hwan Choi Aide> → Choi Soon-young, Korean Christian Missionary (Chairman Choi Soon-young) → Torchlight Foundation

In the record of the transfer of ownership of the site of the Torch Mission Center, there is one more information related to the former chairman.

Looking at the site closing register, Shin Dong-A Construction purchased the site in June 1982.

Shin Dong-A Construction sold the site to someone in 1984, three years later, and this person stands out.

This is Son Sam-soo, who was the closest aide to Chun Doo-Hwan, who was then President.

Mr. Son purchased the site and sold it to the'individual' Choi Soon-young and the Korean Christian Missionary in 1987.

Mr. Son was born in Yuksa and served as an exclusive deputy when Mr. Jeon was the head of the 1st Division, and later served as the head of the 1st Division of the Blue House for 17 years.

Mr. Son was also pointed out as Chun Doo-hwan's slush fund manager during an investigation by the prosecution in 1996.

In 2013, the Seoul Central District Prosecutor's Office'Chun Doo-hwan's family unpaid surcharge' special collection team collected an additional 500 million won from Mr. Son.

Son was the first time the redemption team had to redeem the extra money from a third party other than the former family.

Why is Son appearing in the record of ownership transfer?

An analogy is possible by synthesizing the contents of past press reports.

In 1989, the JoongAng Ilbo, based on the investigation by the prosecutor's office at the time,'Chun Doo-hwan purchased the site in the name of Mr. Sohn in 1984 to build a large-scale sister-in-law after retirement. It was again sold to Shin Dong-A Construction.'

According to the article, Mr. Jeon spent 9776.6 million won, half of the market price, as a purchase price for the site, and sold it for 2 billion won two years later, leaving a margin of over 1 billion won.

In a media interview in the past, Chairman Choi admitted that "it was customary to give money to political relations if you were doing business in Korea." "No."

However, the former chairman Choi left a meaningful story in his testimony video in 2015.

This is the story I came up with while taking down the construction process of the 63 Building.

"It is the day when President Park Chung-hee passed away on October 26, 1979 due to unfortunate luck. So, the military was changed and the world changed. So, after a while, the building permit (63 Building) came out. It is a miracle of God."


Shin Dong-A Construction,


Driver' of Yangjae-


's luxury villa

→ Mr. Go Mo <Chairman Lee Hyung-


's driver> → Torch Foundation's

stupid traces can also be found in other properties owned by the Torch Foundation.

It is in a luxury villa in Yangjae-dong, Seocho-gu, where the former chairman's family resides.

There are a total of three luxury villas built by Shin Dong-A Construction and currently owned by the Torch Foundation.

As previously reported, the family of the former President Choi and his first son and second son reside respectively.

According to the villa closing register, the first owner of the villa is Shin Dong-A Construction.

Shin Dong-A Construction registered for the preservation of ownership in May 1989.

Since then, ownership of the villa has been transferred from Shin Dong-A Construction to the Torch Foundation.

However, the timing of ownership transfer is different for two and one.

○Dong, where the former chairman's couple resides, and △dong, where the first son resides, was transferred ownership in September 1990, and □dongman, where the second son resides, was transferred (traded) to his aunt in December 1991. It wasn't until September that ownership was transferred to the Torch Foundation.

The notable part is the aunt who has held ownership of the □dong where the second son resides for nearly 10 years.

Revenge officials, who are bright with the internal circumstances of the Torch Foundation, described'Mr. Ko' as'the driver of Mr. Lee Hyung-ja, the wife of the former chairman of the Torch Foundation and the chairman of the Torch Foundation'.

One official said, "I can't measure Mr. Ko's financial strength, but it is certain that he is not enough to buy a luxury villa worth billions of won."

Soon-young Choi, illegal remittance of KRW 20 billion through Korea Life Insurance…

Even after the establishment of the


Torch Foundation of the


former chairman Choi's financial support continued.

During this period, it was mainly done by handing over funds through a company operated by the company.

Former Chairman Choi's illegal activities were revealed in detail through a lawsuit against the Torch Foundation in 2003 for the return of unfair profits.

According to the ruling on the lawsuit, former chairman Choi delivered 21.3 billion won to the Torch Foundation 74 times from 1993 to 1998 when he was the representative of Korea Life Insurance.

From June to December 1993, KRW 1.64 billion, KRW 3.85 billion in 1994, KRW 3.6 billion in 1995, KRW 3.2 billion in 1996, KRW 3 billion in 1997, KRW 6.1 billion from January to July 1998 It is a circle and so on.

In 1997, Korea Life Insurance was in a state of insolvent with a cumulative loss of 1.23.1 trillion won.

Former Chairman Choi argued that the transfer of funds was "donated as tithing" throughout the trial, but all were dismissed.

The court noted that this transfer of funds was'without approval from the board'.

Over the years, more than 3 billion won, totaling over 20 billion won, has been handed over to the Torch Foundation from Korea Life Insurance, but the former chairman Choi did not go through the resolution of the board of directors.

The court judged that "the former chairman did not go through due process such as approval of the board of directors, and used company funds to support the foundation, which he had as a director," and that "this is an act of abandonment in relation to the company." did.

The court also nailed the act of Choi's former chairman as "a'director's self-dealing' as stipulated in Article 398 of the Commercial Act from Choi Soon-young, the CEO of Korea Life Insurance, against Choi Soon-young, who also served as a representative director of the Torch Foundation."

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