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In the future, iPhones may no longer have any ports.

Indeed, according to information from the Appleosophy site, the Cupertino company is currently working on a system to restore wireless smartphones, reports the specialized media 01net.

After having successfully ousted the jack, Apple would now seek to get rid of the Lighting port, which is used for wired charging but also to restore devices in the event of a problem.

If wireless charging is now widely deployed and well established in consumer habits, the Apple brand must however find a way to be able to restore wireless iPhones.

If the smartphone gets stuck, there is a need for users or repairers to have a way to fix the problem.

Slower methods than the wired system

Apple would consider three different solutions.

The first would be to offer the possibility of putting the iPhone in "Internet Restore" mode so that a Mac or a PC can detect it via Wi-Fi and then start a restore.

The second option would relate to startup issues, in which case the iPhone would automatically switch to the previous mode so that it could be restored by a computer.

Finally, the last solution would be based on Bluetooth, but it seems that this method cannot be powerful enough to be chosen.

For the most significant bugs, a port could be hidden in the slot dedicated to the SIM card and a tool would be made available to technicians.

Anyway, these different systems would be slower than the current wired mode via the Lightning port, which is why Apple continues to work and the abandonment of this port is not yet a certainty.


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