The PS5 controller would have a very short life expectancy -


Sony has been the subject of several criticisms since the launch of the PlayStation 5 last November.

The shortage of consoles is obviously pointed out, but it is especially the DualSense controller which is currently controversial.

The PS5 accessory would indeed suffer from the same defect as the Joy-Con of the Switch, namely early wear of the left joystick which would lead to uncontrollable ghost movements.

A problem of "drift" which is obviously very disabling during a game.

According to the iFixit site, which specializes in product disassembly, the springs that hold the joysticks are poorly made and deteriorate quite easily.

Even more, their use would lead to the creation of debris which could accelerate the wear of the joysticks.

Too low a lifespan

Based on documents from the ALPS, the manufacturer of the joysticks for the PS5 controller, iFixit calculated that the DualSence joysticks would have an average theoretical lifespan of 417 hours, or about 7 months based on 2 hours of play per game. day which is not huge for a hardcore gamer.

It should still be noted that not all DualSense controllers will necessarily present such a defect at the end of this theoretical period.

This estimate still gives an idea of ​​the speed at which the mechanism of the joysticks can wear out.

The PS5 controller would have a very short life expectancy - geeko

Credit: iFixit

Sony remains subject to warranty

A news that could obviously disappoint the players.

Note, however, that Sony offers support and that in the event of a problem, you can request that your controller under warranty be repaired or replaced.

Sony is in any case already the subject of a first class action lawsuit in the United States.

The law firm CSK & D has indeed just filed a complaint against Sony for not having communicated on the potential problem of drift of DualSense controllers.

The complainants also criticize the Japanese manufacturer for the laborious handling of the after-sales service.

They hope that a free replacement program for defective PS5 controllers is put in place.

The magnitude that the phenomenon could potentially take over the months could indeed push Sony to launch such a program.

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