5 tips to use Netlix to its full potential -


The streaming platform offers extensions to fully exploit the platform.

Some of them could maximize your consumption of movies and series. 

Bingewatcher for several

5 tips to use Netlix to its full potential - geeko

Launched during the first confinement, the Teleparty extension - formerly Netflix Party - allows several people to watch films, series and other documentaries, but from a distance.

If it is quite possible to launch a film each at home manually, the plug-in allows you to synchronize the playback of a program, but also to chat through an integrated chat.

Whoever hosts the "party" can also stop and resume the film or series as he wishes.

In this way, the spectators will not be moved in the story.

To enjoy it, you just need to install the plug-in on Chrome, launch a program on Netflix and press the NP logo on your internet browser.

Subtitles galore

5 tips to use Netlix to its full potential - geeko

Most Netflix programs are translated into multiple languages ​​and each have subtitles in multiple languages ​​as well.

Unfortunately, these translations are mostly available for the most popular movies and series.

Lesser-known programs are not necessarily translated into all languages ​​which can be annoying for some people.

Fortunately, it is possible to add subtitles in additional dialects thanks to an extension;


Thanks to it, you can enjoy

Jurassic Park III

subtitled in Greek, for example.

All you need to do is launch a movie or series, press the extension and search for the subtitles for the program you are watching.

Additional categories

5 tips to use Netlix to its full potential - geeko

The streaming platform organizes its programs into different categories (comedies, romances, thrillers, etc.) which makes it easier to find a movie for the evening or a series to watch with the family.

But these categories are very broad.

It is therefore sometimes quite difficult to make a choice among all the proposals.

Fortunately, thanks to FindFlix, it is possible to find films and series which correspond more to our desires by specifying their type;

action comedy, dark comedy, political comedy, etc.

Once the extension has been added, click on the extension logo from your browser bar to take advantage of several hundred sub-categories.

More reliable quotes

The rating system offered by Netflix is ​​far from unanimous among subscribers of the platform.

It must be said that it is based only on thumbs turned up or down.

It therefore does not allow to have a shared opinion for a film or a series.

In addition, Netflix uses algorithms to promote certain programs that are not necessarily based on public reviews.

Those who would like to enjoy more reliable ratings can simply install the IMBD Rating plugin.

This allows you to display the rating obtained by films and series on IMBD - a specialized ranking site.

In this way, subscribers will be able to have a more reliable opinion on launching a particular film or series.

It is even also possible to apply filters to display content that has obtained certain ratings.

Personalize your Netflix experience

5 tips to use Netlix to its full potential - geeko

Are you bored of the appearance of the title of your current series?

You would like the episodes to follow one another without the “go to next episode” window appearing?

Tired of Netflix asking if you're still looking at your screen?

So good news, there is an extension to remove all of these things.

“Never finish” allows you to choose what you want to delete from Netflix.

In addition to the options already mentioned, you can also choose to watch credits, hide disadvantaged content or promotional videos.


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