Ki Sung-yong, who is suspected of sexual violence, volunteered for a press conference after the opening game of the K-League held today (27th).

Player Ki Sung-yong completely denies all suspicions, and is in a position to respond strongly to reveal the truth, but the revealer said he would disclose the entire evidence sooner or later.

This is Ha Seong-ryong.


Ki Sung-yong made a speech at a press conference after participating in the opening game of the K-League with Jeollabuk-do despite the cluttered atmosphere due to the'sex violence suspicion'.

[Ki Seong-yong/FC Seoul midfielder: Once again, I will definitely tell you here, but it has nothing to do with me...

.] We

also firmly confronted the allegations of conviction raised by the exposed people.

[Ki / FC Seoul midfielder: If the ye (raker) Apples and ye me correctly argue about that article I will give it some thought you can to meet your mercy, I passed the story]

Yet uncovered The party confronted the request to immediately disclose the transcript it claimed was evidence of condolence.

Sung-Yong Ki considered legal action from the beginning, but said that the revelators expressed their intention to admit'misinformation' and waited patiently, and said that he would not be left alone as the revelators changed their position again.

[Ki Seong-yong/FC Seoul midfielder: I'm going to the end.

I will definitely reveal everything about the truth and mobilize everything so there is no mercy in the future.

Legally, we will do everything.]

Regarding Ki Sung-yong's strong response policy, the legal representative of the revelation party said, "We will disclose the entire evidence as soon as Ki Sung-yong wants."

(Video coverage: Kim Won-bae, video editing: Kim Byeong-jik)