As the COVID-19 outbreak has prolonged for more than a year, companies working from home and non-face-to-face classes at universities continue, and those who have rented a room near a company or school are suffering from headaches.

You don't have to live close to your company or school, but you still have to pay'live money' every month.

Some tenants do lodging without the knowledge of the landlord even though they know it is illegal.

As such cases increased, an officetel in Gangnam even posted a warning stating that'Illegal lodging business is prohibited'.

This guide says, "Our building is a business officetel, and the accommodation business is illegal under the Public Health Management Act," and "Airbnb lodging guests or operators, please report to the competent authorities."

In some cases, in order to save even a month's rent, we consult with the landlord and sign a contract for an'ultra-short-term rental car'.

Yoon Mo, 24, a college student, obtained a one-year rent contract for a studio in Seodaemun-gu, near the school last February.

At the time, Corona 19 did not spread in the metropolitan area, but after that, as the situation worsened, non-face-to-face classes continued.

Yoon, who only paid the rent while leaving the studio empty, negotiated with the landlord in December of last year and offered a studio as a short-term rental sale for'live a month' through a mobile application, and the contract was signed last month.

Yoon said, "I didn't know when I would go back to school because the academic schedule was unclear all year, so I opened my hand at home and barely got a part-time job to cover the rent." I did.

Experts understand that tenants are willing to save even a penny, but warned that illegal lodging or lending a room to a third party without the landlord's knowledge and receiving money could be a problem.