Following AstraZeneca, Pfizer vaccination started today (27th).

About 300 medical staff fighting COVID-19 got the vaccine first.

The 1st inoculation was an employee in charge of medical waste, but the injection did not hurt, and after being hit, the reaction continued.

First, reporter Han Sang-woo.

<Reporter> The

first vaccination of Pfizer's vaccine was carried out at the Central Prevention Center in the National Medical Center in Seoul from 9 am today.

Take out of the cryogenic freezer and dilute the previously thawed vaccine in saline to prepare a single dose.

The moment the first vaccination is done,

[I don't hurt at all.

(Did you not hurt at all?)] The

1st inoculation was a beauty salon in their 50s who was in charge of medical waste treatment in the ward for confirmed patients with Corona 19.

[Mikyung Jung/Pfizer Vaccine No. 1 vaccinator: The moment it is right.

I didn't feel anything like this.

I've been watching so far...

(There were no side effects).]

Then, more than 300 medical staff at the National Medical Center and a hospital dedicated to Corona 19 in the metropolitan area received the vaccine.

[Joanna/National Medical Center Infectious Intensive Care Unit Nurse: I have been in charge of nursing corona patients and critically ill patients. Would you like more reassurance after getting hit?

We will do our best to nurture critically ill patients.]

Prime Minister Jeong Sye-gyun also visited the vaccination site and encouraged the vaccination staff and medical staff.

[Sae-Kyun Jeong/Prime Minister: Please work well as in the past in a pleasant and pleasant way by forming antibodies perfectly.]

Those who received the 1st vaccination will receive the 2nd vaccination after 3 weeks.

The 58,000 people that were brought in this time are planned to be completed by the 2nd vaccination on April 10th with the quantity supplied by KOVAX Facility, an international organization for joint vaccine purchase.

Of the 13 million people signed by the government directly with Pfizer, 500,000 will be supplied at the end of next month.

As planned, the Pfizer vaccine is expected to be fully vaccinated from April.

(Video coverage: Jung Seong-hwa, Joo-bum, Video editing: Hwang Ji-young)