A high school student who wields a weapon in a PC room was sentenced to probation for prohibiting smoking.

Judge Cho Chun-soon Go, who was solely for the third criminal justice of the Cheongju District Law, announced today (27th) that he sentenced Army A (19), who was accused of attempting special injury and special threats, to one year in prison and two years in probation.

On December 20, last year, when the owner stopped smoking in a PC room in Jeungpyeong-gun, Chungbuk, Army A called 112 and reported intimidation, saying, "The PC room boss is cursing. .

Afterwards, he tried to stab the wrist of employee B (24) at the counter with a cutter knife, and was caught by the police who had been reported and dispatched.

Two days later, he returned to the PC room, and when he was blocked due to the youth use limit, he took out a weapon and threatened employee C (46), saying, "I don't want to stab."

In the ruling, the late judge explained the reason for the sentence, "The crime of wielding a knife against a person is heavy, but the defendant's need for treatment for depression and anger control disorder, and the agreement with the victims were considered."