The Staring College in Lochem and Borculo, Gelderland, was hit by a cyber attack this week.

To prevent that education could not be given for a longer period of time, the secondary school has paid a ransom, driver Carlien Krist-Spit told

Omroep Gelderland on



According to her, the school noticed the attack on Tuesday.

Much of the data turned out to be encrypted and the files were no longer accessible.

This put "the continuity of education and exams at risk", Krist-Spit tells the broadcaster.

The school eventually decided to comply with the ransom demand in order to regain access to the data.

The driver does not want to say how much money it is.

She does say that a report has been made to the police.

"This situation feels like a nightmare for everyone involved. The decision we have made goes against all our principles, it feels very bad. However, the importance of allowing education to continue, especially at this time, has been decisive. "said Krist-Spit.

The school will remain closed on Monday and the online lessons cannot take place that day.