Today (25th), the number of newly confirmed coronaviruses is expected to be around 400.

The movement of citizens is also increasing as the distance distancing step is eased. 

This is reporter Jo Yoon-ha.

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feared by the quarantine authorities, the number of confirmed cases yesterday increased by 80 from the previous day to 400 in three days.

The number of new confirmed cases counted mid-term until 9 o'clock last night was 333, and it is expected that around 400 confirmed cases will come out today.

The quarantine authorities believe that the increase in travel volume and easing distances during the Lunar New Year holidays have had an impact.

In fact, over the weekend, weekend travel in the metropolitan area increased by more than 17% compared to the previous week.

The civil quarantine posture has dulled.

In the last three months, at step 2.5 of the distance, there were about 1,200 people caught violating the assembly prohibition order, of which more than half were related to various entertainment facilities.

Following the policy to exclude the 4th subsidy for violators of the quarantine regulations, the authorities have taken another reinforcement.

It has been said that when local governments exercised the right to indemnify violators, it has been difficult to prove causal relations, and that it will support compensation for compensation and claims for damages by establishing a consultative body for indemnity rights composed of specialized organizations.

[Yoon Tae-ho/Head of the Central Accident Control Headquarters: The government will strictly respond to quarantine disruptions such as self-isolation violations, and will do its best to curb the spread of Corona 19.] A

new distancing step adjustment plan that will be applied next week will be announced tomorrow.