The prosecution, who is investigating the allegations of Kim Hak-ei's illegal departure from the country, has notified the Seoul Central District Prosecutors' Office, Lee Seong-yoon, who refused to be summoned twice, to appear as a suspect and be investigated.

Suwon District Prosecutor's Office 3rd Division (Prosecutor Lee Jeong-seop) recently sent a third subpoena to this District Prosecutor's Office.

Prosecutor Lee is included in the object of disclosure by public interest reporters that an emergency withdrawal to former Vice Minister Kim was illegal in March 2019.

The purpose of this is that the investigation by the Suwon District Prosecutors' Anyang Office immediately after the illegal departure ban, the prosecutor Lee, who was the head of the anti-corruption force at the time, exerted external pressure.

Earlier, on the 18th, Suwon District Prosecutors' Office changed the status of the District Prosecutor to the suspect status, and notified him twice to undergo a summons investigation last weekend and earlier this week, but Lee refused to comply with the summons by submitting a letter of reasons for non-show.

In general, in the case of a major suspect, if the prosecution fails to comply with the three subpoenas, the prosecution proceeds in the order of reviewing the request for an arrest warrant.

It is said that Suwon District Prosecutors' Office does not consider a written investigation of the suspected District Prosecutor's Office, and that a summons investigation is necessary.

Therefore, if the Prosecutor of the District attorney refuses to notify the third subpoena, the possibility that the Prosecutor at Suwon District will inevitably initiate a compulsory investigation against this District Prosecutor cannot be ruled out.

(Photo = Yonhap News)