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TikTok is launching into online commerce in France, and more widely in Europe.

The social network announced on Tuesday the launch of its official partnership with Shopify, reports 



Sellers registered on the Canadian e-commerce platform will now be able to advertise and sell their products through the social network.

Shopify stores won't even need to register with TikTok: with access to TikTok Business through Shopify, their presence will be automated.

From social network to e-commerce platform

However, brands, designers and influencers will be supported if they wish.

TikTok will help them in particular to create advertisements and content responding to the codes of the social network to better promote their products.

Many brands are already present on the Chinese social network, but the latter lacked the tools to become an e-commerce platform.

A few months ago, the partnership between TikTok and Shopify was launched in North America to address this lack.

With this partnership, TikTok will be able to make its application profitable, and better compete with Instagram and Facebook, which are already well positioned as online commerce platforms.


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