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Ulsan, a middle school girl was assaulted by her peers.

Because of the lack of hitting, the parents of the victims said that they had been bullied several times because their mother was a foreigner.

This is UBC Bae Yoon-joo.

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15-year-old middle school student suffered bruises and wounds on his cheeks, lips, and ankles.

The hair is tangled with gum, and the pants are clearly marked with nosebleeds and spilled beverages.

This is the picture after A, a child from a multicultural family, was assaulted by middle school students her age on the 21st.

Ms. A, a middle school student, confessed on the roof of this building that she had been mass assaulted by six older sisters she used to know.

The face and stomach were struck, and the act of holding the back of the hand with a cigarette light or burning the hair with a lighter continued for 30 minutes.

Ms. A is admitted to the hospital for treatment.

[Damaged student: Two older sisters poured drinks and coffee on their heads, grabbed my hair and shaken them, causing all nosebleeds...


(Furthermore) I'm afraid I'll hit you again if I make eye contact.]

Ms. A said she wanted to move because she had suffered from the same students who had been beaten or stolen her clothes.

[Father of victim student: The mother is a foreigner and the appearance is so exotic that the children bother me so much...

I want to move my house right away because my child is hit like that.

I want to move to my child's school...

.] The

police are proposing personal protection measures to Ms. A due to concerns about retaliation and violence, and are investigating students accused of gang assault.