After leaving Korea, BJ, a personal internet broadcaster, went to Brazil for an interesting broadcast, filming women's bodies locally and making comments derogating the region.

There have been reports that local residents are strongly opposed.

Reporter Shin Jung-eun covered it.


"I want to have fun even if I go and die", "If the broadcast goes well, I'll run wild."

This is an article recently posted by an African TV BJ saying that he will suddenly go to Brazil.

Arriving in Brazil, he visited famous tourist spots and conducted live broadcasts several times.

I suddenly danced with a mask on my chin, and I glanced at the woman passing by,

[Wait a minute before samba (dance).


You have to go see this.

Wait a minute.]

I take a long picture by pointing the camera toward the woman's back.

[When I see people in Brazil, I think that way.



real face is XX pretty.]

His channel viewers pour out a review of his appearance close to sexual harassment and encourage BJ to do more stimulating actions.

It also contained demeaning of the slums.

These videos quickly spread around local residents and Brazilians living in Korea.

[Pedro (pseudonym) / Brazilian resident in Korea:'I will go to Pabella (poor village) and die.'

(Slums) The people are only 95% or more poor people, not bad people.

Suddenly a Korean goes to Brazil and wants to show only the bad side (I was upset.)]

Eventually, it spread to the hashtag movement'respect Brazil'.

On the contrary, BJ's fans are threatening them by sending severe abusive messages to Brazilians who raised the issue.

As the controversy grew, the Korean Consul-General in Sao Paulo, Brazil, issued an open statement and expressed deep regret.

[Ministry of Foreign Affairs Officer: The video was not a good video locally, so a tip came and we are doing some research (it is a situation.)] The

Ministry of Foreign Affairs advised BJ to delete the video and return quickly.

He is now known to be in self-quarantine after returning to Korea, and most of the controversial videos have now been deleted.

(Video coverage: Yang Hyun-cheol, video editing: Lee So-young, CG: Jo Soo-in)