If a person who has been vaccinated against the novel coronavirus infection (Corona 19) refuses to be vaccinated at their turn, they will be given a chance to be vaccinated again after November.

On the 20th, the head of the vaccination management team of the Corona 19 Vaccination Response Promotion Group said, "If the subject refuses to inoculate, it will be transferred to a lower rank, and (rejected person) will receive vaccination after November, when the vaccination of all citizens ends. You can think of it as receiving."

Regarding the work of unvaccinated people, he said, "The government does not consider officially restricting work even if a worker refuses to receive vaccination, whether it is a nursing hospital or a nursing facility," he said. "This is because vaccination itself is voluntary participation." Replied.

He explained, "For workers who have not been vaccinated, we will thoroughly block the virus from entering nursing hospitals or nursing facilities by conducting a gene amplification (PCR) diagnostic test at least once a week as it is now."

When asked, "If there is a hospital that requires vaccination, will you take action?", he said, "I think that the quarantine authorities expressed their intention that'I wish to protect medical staff and patients by vaccination as much as possible.' "There are no plans to take separate measures for the hospital's staff management," he said.

From the 26th of this month, the government will begin vaccinating COVID-19 for residents and workers under the age of 65 in nursing hospitals, nursing facilities, and mental care and rehabilitation facilities nationwide.

The vaccine used for the first vaccination is a product developed by AstraZeneca, and vaccines produced by Pfizer, Modena, Janssen, and NovaVax will be used for vaccination as soon as they are delivered to Korea.

(yunhap news)