• Interview.Isabel Peralta, the new face of Spanish fascism: "My parents do not speak to me"

  • Courts: The Prosecutor's Office opens an investigation into the anti-Semitic proclamations in the tribute to the Blue Division

His speech last Saturday before more than 300 people at the Almudena cemetery in


to pay tribute to the

Blue Division

, the Spaniards who fought under

Adolf Hitler


World War II

, has turned it, at least for a few hours, in a new sweetened face of Nazism.

She calls herself a fascist, "Jonsista, to be exact", and in an interview with PAPEL she acknowledges that her ideas have cost her the rejection of her family.

Isabel Peralta

, the new muse of the extreme right, has since today lost her main speaker on social networks.

Twitter has suspended his account for not complying with its rules.

Likewise, the Prosecutor's Office has announced that it will open an investigation into the anti-Semitic proclamations that could be seen in the video, which has become viral.

The Prosecutor's Office investigates the tribute to the Blue Division for its anti-Semitic proclamations

"It is our supreme obligation to fight for Spain, to fight for Europe, now weak and liquidated by the enemy. The enemy will always be the same, although with different masks: the Jew. [...] The Jew is the culprit and the Blue Division fought for it ", Peralta harangued in that speech that would launch her to fame.

Isabel's Twitter profile, opened in May 2019, was full of hateful messages against Jews, Holocaust denial, Falange proclamations, macho, homophobic and even fat-phobic slogans.

"Mussolini made an effort to teach women the values ​​of sport," he defended.

He said that he fights against feminism because "it distorts women, manipulates them and makes them believe that their enemy is men and not the system" and denied that they were homophobic, only criticizing "pedophilia."

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