Georges Tron was sentenced Wednesday on appeal to five years in prison, including three years closed, for rape and sexual assault on an employee of his town hall in Draveil, Virginie Ettel.

At the microphone of Europe 1, she confided on Thursday her relief to see her long fight come to an end, but also her desire to resume a life "like everyone else".


"A relief".

The words of Virginie Ettel to qualify the moment when she heard the verdict: Georges Tron was sentenced to five years in prison, including three years, for rape and sexual assault, on his collaborator at the town hall of Draveil.

“When I heard that everything had been remembered about him, it was a relief because that's what I have been asking for ten years: to be heard. I collapsed because he is human and that I tell myself that, finally, I had been heard, "she confides exclusively to the microphone of Europe 1." I find it hard to believe ", she also adds.

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"We must not give up"

Georges Tron therefore spent his first night behind bars on Wednesday.

The verdict fell almost ten years after the complaint of Virginie Ettel, who says she has never stopped fighting.

"We still believe in it. But sometimes, I wanted to give up everything. I suffered threats and two assaults. It's something very difficult. Today, we are talking about #MeToo and that. is very good. Speech is freed. But ten years ago, there was not all that. It was complicated to manage. But the result is there: we must not give up ", develops- she.

After the judgment, Georges Tron went straight to prison.

"I just wanted to be told 'we believe you, you are a victim, they are guilty'. I don't care about the rest. Now I'm going to try to go to the horizon, move forward, have a life like everything. the world ", reacts Virginie Ettel.  

A verdict beyond the requisitions

The verdict went beyond the requisitions of the public prosecutor with regard to Georges Tron.

The attorney general had requested five years in prison, three of which were suspended, against the 63-year-old councilor and requested that the firm sentence be carried out instead under an electronic bracelet.

The two defendants deny the facts alleged and maintained that the "lies" of the plaintiffs were part of a "plot" fomented by the political opponents of Georges Tron in Essonne.