In October of last year, it was revealed that Jang Deok-jun, who died while working at the Coupang Distribution Center, suffered an unbearable hard work.

SBS obtained the Coupang Industrial Accident Investigation Report and analyzed Jang's work and work environment.

The report states that during the last week before his death, he worked for a long time of 62 hours and 10 minutes per week, and that his work intensity affected his death.

Coupang claimed that there was no legal problem, saying that the average working hours of Mr. Jang died was 44 hours per week.

In addition, Coupang argued that'the 7th floor where the deceased worked was the lowest level of work', but in fact, it was found that Jang did twice the work standard of the musculoskeletal burden (notified by the Ministry of Employment and Labor).

A week ago, the Korea Labor Welfare Corporation recognized Jang's industrial accident.