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connection with the case of Jung In, who died 16 months after being abused, a second trial was held against her adoptive parents on the 17th.

At the time of the abuse, the Witnesses who were explaining how Jung In had changed couldn't speak for a while.

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voice calling for severe punishment was the same even in the severe cold, when the temperature fell to -17 degrees below zero.

[Im Hyun-taek/President of the Korean Pediatrics and Youth Medical Association: This is an obvious murder.

There is no doubt about this.] In

today's trial, a witness newspaper was held for three people, including the director of the daycare center, teachers, and social workers where Jung In-i attended.

Yang's mother, Jang, did not send Jeong In to the day care center for a while after reporting the second abuse.

The head of the daycare center said that Jeong-in, who appeared after two months, was skinny and could not walk due to trembling legs.

Right after the third report from the pediatrician, Jeong In-i regained life for a while, but he said that the condition of Jeong In-i, who appeared only a few days before her death, was serious.

Jeongin, who couldn't walk or eat, seemed to have given up everything, and the director sobbed that only the stomach was convex.

The Witnesses also talked about the irresponsible parenting attitude of their parents.

Despite the request to take the child to the hospital, both fathers consistently answered with no sincerity, and asked the mother to ask about the reason for the absence.

Yang's mother, Jang, said he was angry at Jung In-i, who doesn't eat, and said, "No matter how pitiful you try, it doesn't happen," the social worker testified.

The day before he died, the daycare teacher told me that he was not courageous because he did not take him directly to the hospital and encouraged his father to visit the hospital.

At the time of the third report, I remembered the complaints of both mothers after taking them to the hospital without telling their parents.

The next trial is scheduled to take place on the 3rd of next month, with major issues remaining, such as whether both mothers were willing to murder Jeong In-i.

(Video coverage: Jongsoo Hong, Video editing: Seunghee Lee)