Minecraft Dungeons passes 10 million player mark -


If it was not as big a critical success as its ancestor,

Minecraft Dungeons

seems to have a nice commercial success.

Mojang confirms that the



has just passed the 10 million player mark.

If we are still very far from the 200 million sales of Minecraft,

Minecraft Dungeons

clearly did not have the same ambition as its big brother.

The title was integrated as soon as it was released into GamePass and was therefore accessible free of charge to all subscribers of the service on Xbox One and PC.

It was also released on PlayStation 4 and Switch, at an attractive price since the game was sold for 19.99 euros when it was released.

A doubled lifespan



offered hundreds or even thousands of hours of gameplay to players by presenting itself as a gigantic sandbox game,

Minecraft Dungeons

offers a much more linear adventure.

The original game could be completed in a straight line in less than six hours.

Since its release, however, Mojang has added a lot of content that has already more than doubled its lifespan.

Support will obviously not stop anytime soon since the publisher has already announced the release of several new DLCs, including one in February.

Our video games file

The Swedish studio is working on several other


spin-offs in parallel


However, no information has filtered out on their nature.

It is likely that we will learn more about at least one of these projects in 2021.

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Mojang, publisher of "Minecraft", expands its empire by filling up with new projects


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