At about 9:40 pm on the 11th, the fire rose again after 7 hours and 40 minutes after the fire extinguished in Gayasan, Gwangyang, Jeollanam-do.

The forest authorities put 36 firefighting personnel into the field, caught a big flame within an hour after the report was received, and began surveillance.

Forest officials believe that the embers hidden under the thick fallen leaves re-emerged and the fire started.

The fire started at around 12:40 on the 10th, and 1,77 firefighters, 7 helicopters, and 1,191 firefighting personnel were put in. Yesterday, 7 helicopters and 1,191 firefighting personnel were put into the fire. I have finished cleaning up.

There was no human injury from this fire, but 3ha of forest was lost.

Forest authorities are investigating the exact cause of the fire, as well as identifying the circumstances in which children played with fire near the scene of a forest fire.