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number of additional corona19 confirmed cases increased to 303 again in one day.

The number of confirmed cases continues in the metropolitan area, including the Bucheon religious facility, as shown earlier, and in particular, the number of people infected with the mutant virus has increased to 80.

Reporter Jang Se-man will deliver this news.


Yesterday (8th), 26 additional domestic mutant virus infections were confirmed.

Until then, about half of the 54 infected people have increased in one day, and the cumulative number of infections has reached 80.

Of the increased 26, 22 were overseas inflows, but 4 were localized.

These are foreigners who had previously contacted Syrians living in Korea who were confirmed to be infected with a mutant virus from the UK last month.

[Bakyoungjun / Defense Headquarters epidemiological investigation team leader: all the same UK mutant virus (came), two in South Gyeongsang Province Gimhae residents, is one thing, one thing in Busan in production]

so infected in the country mutant virus without foreign visit history There are 8 cases in total.

Among the 80 people with mutations, mutations from the UK were the most at 64, followed by 10 from South Africa and 6 from Brazil.

The quarantine authorities are deepening their agony ahead of the reorganization and adjustment of the distance from group infections in the metropolitan area to a sudden increase in mutant viruses.

It was pointed out that in today's second discussion on distance distancing, it is necessary to differentiate the number of possible private meetings into 10, 5, 3, etc., and to subdivide the business hours limit, such as 12 p.m. and 9 p.m.

[Gimoran / National Cancer Center Professor: 2 stage time limit seems to be back, night after 12 o'clock, "If step 3 seems to require a ban" after 9:00 "-

the government next Saturday more than five private meetings We will announce a proposal to adjust distances for bans and restrictions on business hours, and plan to devise a plan to reorganize distances after the Lunar New Year holidays, which improved the overall distance stage and quarantine guidelines.

(Video coverage: Kim Min-cheol, video editing: Yumira)  

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