Until the end of our exploration report, the Panda Team acquired a list of 530 files, deleted by officials from the Ministry of Industry, who were being audited for the early shutdown of the Wolseong nuclear power plant, and delivered the key details yesterday (28th).

Among the deleted data, there was a report of the results to the Blue House before a decision was made to close the nuclear power plant, and there was also a document collecting the trends of civic groups opposing the government's policy of leaving nuclear power plants.

In addition, it was confirmed that the plan for the construction of nuclear power plants in North Korea and these files were also deleted.

Three public officials accused of deleting the files are currently being handed over to trial, and the prosecution, who has been investigating whether a higher rank has intervened on this day, is said to be seeking an arrest warrant from former Minister Baek Un-gyu, then head of the Ministry of Industry.

Reporter Bae Joon-woo reported.


When receiving a request for data from the auditor last year, the prosecution focused the investigation on why the Ministry of Industry secretly came to the office at 11 pm on a holiday and hastily erased 530 files, and who moved it under the direction of the person. There is.

At that time, the then Minister of Industry, Industry and Energy Baek Woon-gyu is considered the peak of the suspicion.

In particular, it is reported that the Ministry of Industry and Industry has stepped forward to further confirm the suspicion that it has identified the trend of civic groups opposing the shutdown of nuclear power plants.

[Juhangyu / Seoul National University Nuclear Engineering Professor: what other agencies do went to the Ministry of anything like application we put in (City Hall, Jongno Police Station), the inner one another in tha and so do not know not that that is not so]

recruits to back former minister Once the treatment is decided, the investigation is likely to head to the Blue House.

According to the contents of the complaint disclosed by SBS, the circumstances that the Blue House and the Ministry of Industry had previously communicated with were revealed in several places long before the decision to close the Wolseong 1 nuclear power plant early.

Korea Gas Corporation President Chae Hee-bong, who served as the Blue House industrial policy secretary in 2018, is also on the line of prosecution investigations.

Airborne Minister Kim Jin-wook also showed interest.

[Kim Jin-wook/Airborne Director: (Are you going to ask for a plan to relocate from the Airborne Service?) I think we need to find out more.

Who is the target of the suspect, (the target of the investigation) is a high-ranking public official, we are basically.] It is

still understood as a fundamental level answer, but it means that the possibility of proactively proceeding as soon as the recruitment of the air defense department is equipped can not be ruled out. Is interpreted.

(Video coverage: Seo Jin-ho, video editing: Kim Joon-hee)

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