<Anchor> The number of

new corona 19 confirmed cases in Korea exceeded 400 for three consecutive days.

Small-scale group infections are continuing in various places, with 23 confirmed cases at Hanyang University Hospital in Seoul.

The government is expected to announce the social distancing adjustment plan tomorrow afternoon after watching the situation until today (30th).

The first news, this is reporter Kim Hyung-rae.

<Reporter> There

were 458 new corona19 confirmed cases yesterday, maintaining 400 units for the third day.

Among the new confirmed cases, 423 were domestic cases excluding 35 foreign inflows.

By region, 303 people were confirmed in the metropolitan area, including 152 in Seoul and 136 in Gyeonggi, and 120 were confirmed in non-capital areas, including 32 in Gwangju and 21 in Gyeongbuk.

With 15 deaths during treatment yesterday, the cumulative death toll rose to 1,414.

At Hanyang University Hospital in Seoul, 23 patients, including patients, guardians, and medical staff, were confirmed.

The quarantine authorities are quarantined on the 15th floor of the hospital where the confirmed person came from, and full-scale examinations are conducted on staff, patients and guardians.

The average number of confirmed cases per day for the last week is 424, which is the standard for distance distance 2.5 steps currently being implemented in the metropolitan area.

[Jeon Hae-cheol/Minister of Public Administration and Security: The trend of corona19 confirmed patients, which has been stabilizing for a while, continues to spread to 400 people due to the outbreak of group infection at the Daejeon IM Mission.] The

authorities are

concerned about the spread of

distance tomorrow


The main contents of special quarantine measures for the Lunar New Year holidays will be announced.