Yesterday (29th), with 469 new corona19 confirmed, the government decided to announce a plan to adjust the distance tomorrow.

Face-to-face worship was completely banned in Gwangju as the scale of group infection started by IM Mission continued to grow.

This is Jang Se-man.

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Gwangju, 14 people were infected in another church following the IM Mission-related educational facility and Antioch Church.

Among them, the history of the first confirmed person visiting the Antioch Church where the group infection occurred earlier was confirmed.

As the contagion spread around churches, Gwangju City issued an executive order banning face-to-face worship for all churches.

[Lee Yong-seop / Mayor of Gwangju Metropolitan City: (From today) All churches in Gwangju city for 12 days until February 10, face-to-face worship is prohibited, and they are switched to non-face-to-face online worship.]

The infection of homeless people in Seoul Station Square is also spreading.

When the Seoul Metropolitan Government examined 717 homeless people and found 39 confirmed cases, it decided to stop operating the homeless facilities and provide alternative accommodation.

In a nursing home in Suwon, Gyeonggi-do, the number of patients increased to 26 within three days of the first confirmation, and the number of confirmed cases increased to 15 at a kindergarten in Suwon, where transmission was started through asymptomatically infected children.

The average number of confirmed cases per day for the last week is 422, which is equivalent to the 2.5 steps of distance distancing currently being implemented in the metropolitan area.

The quarantine authorities decided to announce the main contents of the special quarantine measures for the Lunar New Year holidays along with the distancing adjustment plan.