In November of last year, broadcaster Sayuri held a healthy son in Japan.

They chose the so-called'nonmarried birth' method of giving birth to a baby by donating sperm while not married.

Sayuri disclosed the pregnancy and childbirth process confidently and honestly through social media and personal broadcasting.

Recently, it has been informed of the recent situation after childbirth.

It contains the backstory that Mr. Sayuri personally revealed what kind of worries and difficulties before becoming a mother.

The news of Sayuri's birth has led to interest in'non-married birth' in Korea.

Some sperm banks are receiving inquiries asking if they can have children without getting married, like Sayuri.

However, it is not allowed in Korea.

According to the ethical regulations of the Society of Obstetrics and Gynecology, the procedure for donating sperm or eggs is legally only for couples in marriage or common-law relationships.

Since the law is ambiguous, single mothers are excluded from the treatment.

The production crew met women with similar concerns as Sayuri and heard the story of why they even think about giving birth in a way that is not allowed in Korea.

Sayuri's childbirth also sparked a social controversy by asking heavy questions such as how far should women's self-determination rights be guaranteed and what is a family?

With unmarried births, voices of concern that the rights of women should be guaranteed and the male-centered family system should be reorganized, and that the traditional family order will be destroyed and the dignity of life are being confronted.

It contains various opinions that erupt.

With Sayuri's birth, interest in unmarried childbirth has increased and it has emerged as a social issue, but the forum for discussion on what to do in practice is not being held properly.

Recently, a public hearing hosted by the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family has set the policy direction toward recognizing communities outside the marriage system as alternative families.

This week's SBS <News Story> will introduce Sayuri's childbirth process and backstory, highlight the core of the controversy over unmarried birth and how to find social consensus.