Reports of suspicions related to Guri-si, Gyeonggi-do, continue today (29th).

It is a part that is often controversial, saying hello to the group leader's aide.

In the city of Guri, people who lacked quality were recruited in various branches of the affiliated offices, and even if they were drunk and drunk, they were returning to their positions by taking jobs for their children.

Reporters Park Chan-beom and Jeon Byeong-nam follow up.




After Guri Mayor

Ahn Seung-

nam took office in July 2018, election camp personnel and acquaintances have entered the city of Guri.

There are more than 20 personnel confirmed by the reporters, and they are located in 6 affiliated organizations such as the city hall, urban construction, and athletic meets.

We also confirmed three cases of hiring even the children of these aides.

Complaints about inadequate hiring that neglects competence are erupting from within.

[Mr. A / Guri-shi incumbent official (voice band): If it was selected through a document interview, there were two stages of verification, but neither computer nor basic words...

.] It

is also heard that some of these people leave their work behind the scenes and are already eager to prepare for the next election.

[Mr. B/Guri-shi incumbent official: I went there, but I asked if I could accept the rights party while talking about this or that.

So I was doing it.] If

true, you may be violating election laws.

They complain that it is difficult to work with them because of their relationship with the market.

[C/Guri-shi incumbent public official: Since there is a manager and a director, I have to follow the line and report, but I went to the mayor's office and talked right away...

.] The

reporters wanted to hear the explanations of the parties, but Mayor Ahn Seung-nam gave an order not to respond to the coverage at all in the social media chat room of the city hall staff, and those who had promised to meet hurriedly took a vacation and left.

[Guri City Hall staff: I'm not here today because I'm glad to see you...






Ahn Seung-

nam is one of the closest people to Guri mayor.

Jeong, a public official in the tenure system, was also present at a dinner with Mayor Ahn and a construction company executive reported by SBS yesterday.

Jung was caught driving under the influence of alcohol in July of last year, and the contract was terminated after he was punished for one month of suspension.

However, only a month later, as if nothing had happened, they are reappointed to their original positions.

Mayor Ahn, who has been emphasizing the principle of “no tolerance for drunk driving for public officials” since the beginning of his inauguration, selected it again.

Mayor Ahn said, "There was no reason for disqualification because the performance evaluation was excellent."

[Mr. Jung: I will refuse to answer because I am not the appointed authority.]

Another close friend Yoo Mo, who helped local elections right next to Mayor Ahn.

After taking office as Mayor Ahn, he was hired as the manager of the Guri Civic Sports Center.

Jang Mo, who campaigned together, works as the secretary general of the Guri Sports Association.

Neither of these are known to have done any related work in the past.

[Mr. D/Guri-shi former civil servant: I don't remember getting questions about where to sign and where to stamp?

.] In

addition, some aides have been accused of being appointed president of a Guri-si subsidiary on a false record, and are even being investigated by the police.

[Mo Kim/President of Kuri City Corporation: I have never done falsehood.

(What do you think of the point that you have a close relationship with Mayor Ahn Seung-nam?) Since I have lived here for 45 years, I have a close relationship with not only him (Mayor Ahn) but also many seniors and juniors.]

Such hiring behavior has the potential to lead to legal responsibility. There is.

[Park Seok-Il/Attorney: Abuse of authority and exertion of influence may constitute a crime of obstruction of the exercise of the right to abuse of authority, and may interfere with public affairs.] The

damage caused by the improper conduct of the head of a local government with enormous authority is the responsibility of the local residents. There is no choice but to come back.

(Video coverage: Kim Hyeon-sang, Yang Doo-won, Ha Ryung, Video editing: Lee Seung-jin, So Ji-hye, CG: VJ: Jang Seung-beom, Seo Seung-hyun,


Soo-in, VJ: Lee Jun-young) 

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