Netflix exceeds 200 million subscribers -


Beyond its programs, Netflix also makes a point of offering a quality experience to its subscribers.

This goes through the image, but also by the sound whose quality promises to soon approach that of a studio, at least on Android smartphones.

The next update of the application will indeed "optimize the hearing experience on Android devices" thanks to the support of the xHE-AAC codec which will not only offer studio sound quality but "better intelligibility in the noisy environments ”.

Enough to facilitate listening to a program in public transport, for example.

Optimized sound

Besides supporting a new codec, the sound quality of Netflix on Android will also be optimized depending on the internet connection of the device.

Thus, if the connection is bad - weak or unstable - the sound of a Netflix series or film will be deliberately degraded to favor the fluidity of the content.

And conversely, if the connection is optimal, so will the sound quality.

The goal is to avoid desynchronization or cracking of the sound.

It should also be noted that the service to 200 million subscribers is currently testing an “audio only” mode.

The arrival of better sound quality should not be unrelated.

Remember to update your Android application to enjoy this new studio sound quality on your smartphone.

As for iOS subscribers, it is difficult to know if and when they too will be able to benefit from this quality.

Netflix is ​​used to testing its novelties on Android.

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Netflix is ​​testing audio-only playback of its content


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