On the 28th, a lot of snow fell all over the country accompanied by strong winds.

As heavy snow warnings went into effect in Seoul, Gyeonggi, Gangwon, and Chungcheong areas, snow poured strongly for a short time in the morning.

The snow started to scatter a little after the rush hour, and it got stronger, and then 4.9cm snow piled up in the metropolitan area in an hour.

Fortunately, it stopped in most areas of the morning, but after that, the cold air quickly dropped to the south, resulting in a drop in temperature and strong winds.

The Meteorological Agency predicts that snow and strong winds will continue across the country until the 29th.

Outdoor work workers and the elderly, etc. should pay special attention to health care.

Let's watch the morning situation when the white world unfolded in a video.

(Composition: Hwi-ran Kim, editor: Hyun-ki Jang)