Five connected scales to keep the line -

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  • Confinements, curfews, less physical activity… it's time to think about the extra pounds gained since the start of the health crisis.

  • Ideal for following your weight curve with an app and setting goals, connected scales can be serious allies to regain your dream body.

  • Sold from 29 euros, but often well beyond, they all offer many measures to stay attentive to your health.

In addition to the kilos caused by the end-of-year celebrations, there are the effects of the various confinements: closure of sports halls, teleworking, proximity to the refrigerator and lime for the mojitos as an aperitif.

More than ever, it seems necessary to watch your weight and be concerned about your health.

All the more so as a study by the manufacturer Withings shows that in France, 32% of men and 29% of women using connected scales gained weight at Christmas: by 2.24 kg and 2.34 kg respectively ...

So to prepare for sunny days, if not better days, "20 Minutes" tested five devices, among the most popular on the market.

Here is our verdict.

The cheapest: Xiaomi Mi Body Composition Scale (29.90 euros)

The very low price of this scale conceals no hidden defects.

White in color (therefore less messy than black scales) and connected via Bluetooth (which in use is less practical than in Wifi), the Mi Body Composition Scale offers weighings from 100 grams to 150 kilos and can detect weight variations up to 50 grams.

This can be useful for weighing baby, for example!

Xiaomi's Mi Composition Scale sold for only 29 euros.


In addition to measuring the weight of its user, the scale evaluates the BMI (Body Mass Index).

It is this measurement that makes it possible to determine whether or not one is overweight.

Added to this are body fat percentage, muscle mass, humidity, protein, visceral fat, basal metabolism, bone mass, and physical age.

This escalation of measures will flatter the buyer who will imagine himself getting a good deal, but will not necessarily be useful!

Supporting up to 16 users, the Mi Body Composition Scale nevertheless remains a fairly disarming value for money and largely justifies the investment requested by its performance.

The best connected: Withings Body (49 euros)

The French manufacturer was THE pioneer of connected scales in 2009. With its Body, Withings signs a WiFi bathroom scale that does not encumber with frills.

The Body scale is WiFi and extremely practical to use.


The battery-operated device (battery life: 18 months) measures weight, the weight progression curve over the last eight weighings and the body mass index (BMI).

This is sufficient for most users.

The icing on the cake: at the end of the weighing process, the scale displays the day's weather trend on its LCD screen (6.6 x 4.3 cm).

A little gadget that is not so trivial in use ...

Able to support up to eight users, the Body scale sends the results of its measurements directly via WiFi to the


, thus feeding the Withings Health Mate application where they can be consulted at any time.

This app is clearly the best around.

Because of its design on the one hand, but also because it combines the manufacturer's other products (health watch, blood pressure monitor, sleep sensor) and allows, depending on its equipment, to have a transversal point of view on its health.

The most discreet: Noerden Minimi (59 euros)

With its Minimi, the French start-up Noerden is trying its hand in the field of small scales.

The device which measures only 26 x 26 cm (against 33 x 33 cm in general) is significantly less bulky than its peers.

Convenient in a mini bathroom.

La Minimi: small in size, but large in size.


What is less is that it communicates in Bluetooth and not in Wifi.

This implies opening its application at each weighing so that the data is transmitted to the Noerden application.

If only the user's weight is displayed on the Minimi screen, other data is stored including fat mass, muscle mass, water mass, etc.

The Noerden app provides access to all measured data at any time.


It's a lot.

Too much, perhaps because if the results of these measurements are accessible in the application, it still lacks personalized advice to analyze and understand them correctly.

The most resistant: Terraillon Master Coach (79 euros)

With Master Coach, Terraillon (now under the Chinese flag) offers a WiFi scale that stands out in particular by its design: an oval shape, surrounded by a protective plastic strip which absorbs shocks.

Casually, this can be practical to protect your glass top from the attacks of a vacuum cleaner ...

The Terraillon Master Coach scale can weigh up to 180 kg for eight people.


User weight, weight difference from the previous weighing, body mass index (BMI), fat, muscle, water, and bone mass are measured in turn.

Running on batteries, the Master Coach aggregates these measurements in the manufacturer's Wellness Coach application.

It has a colorful interface, joyful limit, which allows in the blink of an eye to apprehend this data and to follow the weight loss goals that we have possibly set.

The most precise and the most complete: Tanita RD-953 (199 euros)

Four times more expensive than a classic connected scale, the RD-953 from the Japanese firm Tanita comes forward with a look that stands out in the world of scales.

Its hollowed-out blanks, its central screen (5 x 6.8 cm) and its chrome borders give it a little UFO side that challenges.

The Tanita RD-953 scale is one of the most complete on the market.


Still, the RD-953 is cut for demanding users.

Connected via Bluetooth, the device measures weight, BMI, body fat rate, muscle mass, muscle quality score, assessment of physical constitution, bone mineral mass, visceral fat level ( the one that will require exercise to be evacuated!), the basal metabolic rate, the metabolic age, as well as the percentage of body water.

Typically the machine that will tell you if during confinement you have gained fat, lost muscle… and if your virtual aperitifs are to be definitively banned!

However, its degree of precision may confuse the lamba user.

It will be reserved primarily for athletes and people suffering from pathologies requiring very careful monitoring.

As for its price, it can clearly seem excessive.

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