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The new Microdroid operating system has just been created by Google and it is a miniature version of Android.

The engineers of the American giant have developed this program, much lighter, for it to be used with virtual machines, according to statements made on the official website of Android

Open Source Project

, and relayed by



This works under Linux.

According to the

XDA Developpers


, this new operating system allows Google to enable virtualization on Android hardware in order to improve security.

Such a method makes it possible to launch an application or any operating system by isolating it and also allows developers to test applications by modifying parameters.

It is also possible to create virtual offices.

Isolate or duplicate applications

Virtualization also makes it possible to access an operating system remotely.

For smartphones, "this serves, in particular, to isolate an application or even to duplicate it to create several instances," says



The Snapdragon 888 announced by Qualcomm could well harmonize with Microdroid since it carries virtualization tools.

Microdroid could be associated with development environments like Microsoft Xamarin, Android Studio or emulators such as Nox Player or Bluestacks, underlines the specialized media.

But Google has yet to comment on it.

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